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Transgender women are women, transgender men are men. This is a common-sense statement that we should not have to say, but will also not stand quietly by, while our transgender siblings are having their existence denied.

Recent media coverage, celebrity social media content and action by the UK Government shows that transphobic behaviour and the denial of basic rights to the transgender community is still alive and well. At Breakout Youth we strongly oppose and condemn individuals or organisations that deny people of the transgender community their fundamental right to exist. Human rights are universal and belong to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, gender, or any other attribute that a person identifies with.

If we are to move forward, then all the voices that make up our society need to be given an equal say. You cannot have a conversation about the needs of a community without that community leading the discussion and talking about their lived experiences. Society needs to recognise the need to make space for these voices so that they can finally be heard, without having to defend their right to that space.

We cannot allow the amazing work that the transgender community have done for LGBTQ+ liberation to be undone. We cannot allow the transgender community to be further marginalised and dehumanised. We cannot allow the transgender community to be told they are anything but their authentic and true self.

Breakout Youth has and always will support our transgender siblings, regardless of what is happening in the world. If you are a young person who identifies as transgender, know that you are not alone and that we are in your corner.

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Breakout Youth is a project founded in 1993 and an independent Charity that offers advice, support, training and Youth Groups (physical and virtual) to LGBTQ+ youth across Hampshire & The Isle of Wight.



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