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LGBTQ+ Services: What We Offer

Breakout Youth offers support in the following areas:

Other Services:

Safety & Confidentiality at our Youth Groups

Confidentiality and safety is really important at Breakout, so the venues of the youth groups are not advertised. This means that only people who have been referred (by themselves or someone else) can come along to the sessions. For information on our Safeguarding Policy please get in contact with us. For details of the venues and dates of upcoming sessions, please contact us.

Access to additional support services

There are many different local and national agencies out there. Our trained staff and volunteers can help you find the right support you need when you need it.

Support with telling people about your sexuality or gender

Telling others how you are feeling can be difficult and stressful. We can help you decide who you want to tell, what you want to tell them and how best to say it.

Sexual health support and supplies

We provide access to free condoms, lube, Chlamydia screening, pregnancy testing and advice from qualified sexual health workers.

Campaigning on your behalf

As well as working with individuals like you, we also work alongside other organisations to combat homophobia and transphobia in the wider community.

Support, Education and LGBTQ+ Awareness Training for Professionals

If you are a professional, we also offer bespoke training on issues around sexuality, homophobia, gender and transphobia. We can design and run sessions for groups or assemblies, or support young people on a one to one basis. Please use the contact page and get in touch for more details.