This week, NHS England has banned new prescriptions of puberty blockers for children. As a Hampshire charity, this change represents a significant hurdle for the young people we support.

While this change will not affect the 100 young people already taking this medication, it will disappoint the thousands of young people stuck on waiting lists. Prior to being shutdown, the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic’s waiting list exceeded 5 years. We have seen first hand that the inability to access timely healthcare puts an unfair strain on our young people, and in some cases it is dangerous.

Our young people, and their families who support them, tell us that the available research and evidence is sufficient for them to make an informed decision with their families and their doctors. More importantly, they tell us that this medication offer a demonstrably safer,  reversible, pause on puberty, giving young people valuable time to explore their gender identity before the less reversible effects of puberty or transitioning.

To all affected young people and their families, we want you to know that everyone at Breakout Youth supports you. We will always provide you with a safe space to be yourself as you find a safe pathway to adulthood.



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