Untilflag gay pride I became a charity fundraiser for No Limits I was, for many years, in primary education. It is only recently that I began to understand and realise the full extent of the prejudice suffered by young people who are LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). One of my current roles is fundraising for Breakout Youth, a charity that supports young (13 to 21 years old) LGBT people in Hampshire. Here are some facts that I gleaned in my trawl for information. There is much more information on a range of sites such as Stonewall. National stats show that LGBT young people are:

  • 2 to 6 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual youth.
  • At much higher risk than the heterosexual population of substance abuse.
  • At least 7 times more likely to be crime victims than heterosexual people.
  • More likely to contract HIV (gay young men)
  • More likely to be homeless (40% of homeless youth are identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual)
  • More likely to be rejected (50% of all gay and lesbian youth report that their parents reject them).

If you are:

  • an individual concerned with the extremely widespread issue of violence against and amongst school children and students
  • a teacher or other educational staff who takes seriously every child’s right to be safe at school and to receive a quality education
  • an organisation working on the rights of the child
  • an organisation working on gender-based violence
  • an organisation working on the rights for sexual and gender minorities
  • a local authority, city council, local government,…. which has a mandate on education
  • a trade union working on the right to education
  • or any other constituency concerned with this issue

in Hampshire and need support, advice and help about issues around sexuality then contact Breakout Youth or No Limits.



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