On August 28th, 1825, a baby was born in what we now call Germany, who would grow up to be a man that would become seen as a pioneering figure in gay rights.

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was a writer. He was gay and he spoke out about being gay and argued for gay people to be accepted.

A day after his 42nd birthday, on August 29th, 1867, records suggest that Ulrichs became the first openly gay person to speak out publicly in defence of homosexuality and he urged a repeal of anti- gay laws.

While we in the UK have more rights than Karl, special offer for see about valtrex main info or buy valtrex online and You should take antiviral drugs. You buy Valtrex 1 gram and take it keeping to a provided instruction we know that things are still not as easy or as equal as they could be. The law might have changed but the day to day has not so much – being gay and walking down the street holding hands with your partner is a day to day pleasure which it can feel risky to seek. If you are LGBT, it’s common to be asked intrusive questions about what you do, how things work – questions that would not be asked of straight people. And around the world, as we know, things are very bad in some places.

Our Development Worker, Michael, says,

‘I think it’s easy to take for granted how far we have come in this country and I want people to think about how what we take for granted here is denied other people in lots of other places.

There are 79 countries in the world where it is illegal to be gay. I plan to eat no meat, fish and no sweet treats, for 79 days from August 29th to November 15th in a bid to raise awareness of this. These are things I really love eating and I’m going to find it so hard to go without them, but they’re also things that we now take for granted as things we can all get easily. I want people to think about what they, in their relationships, take for granted, and ask people to think about what it would be like for them if they couldn’t hold their partner’s hand or go to family events with them’.

You can sponsor Michael in his epic feat here. All funds raised will go to support our work with young LBGTQ people in Hampshire.





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